Meeting of the advisory board of
the BIS-21++ PROJECT

23 November 2005, Institute for Parallel Processing
Acad. G. Bonchev Str., Bl. 25 A, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria



Prof. Kiril Boyanov, Prof. Cvetan Semerdjiev, Prof. Stoyan Markov, Prof. Nina Sinyagina, Prof. Vladimir Lazarov, Prof. Elena Paskaleva, Prof. Galia Angelova, Prof. Hristo Turlakov, Prof. Dimitar Todorov, Prof. Aneta Karaivanova, Dr. Ivan Lirkov, Prof. Velizar Shalamanov, Prof. Borislav Boyanov, Prof. Ivan Popchev, Prof. Stefan Dodunekov, Prof. Ludmil Dakovski, Prof. Rumen Nikolov

Professor K. Boyanov presided the meeting and presented the following


Welcome, introduction and opening remarks

Prof. Kiril Boyanov, director of IPP-BAS and Administrative Coordinator of BIS21++ greeted the present and described briefly the BIS21++ project. He reminded that the mandate of the IPP-BAS Advisory Board is to evaluate the training achievements of the employed young scientists and to assess the scientific quality of the RTD tasks performed by the young researchers. Every participant at the meeting has received a copy of a booklet with the presentations of the young scientists at the PhD workshop organized in October and the individual working plans of the selected students. Prof. Boyanov called everyone to express his/her opinion; recommendations and remarks about the work of the PhD students. Dr. Luben Boyanov took minutes.

Discussion of the individual working plans of the PhD students in the BIS21++ project

Prof. Borislav Boyanov said that our country was in a transition period and the academy and the universities were trying to standardize their curriculum with the European practices. That was the reason why we had to pay special attention to teaching various courses and lectures.

Prof. Shalamanov said that often the young researchers achieve very interesting results and it would be good if these achievements could be used and integrated. That is why the connection between the SMEs and the PhD students was so important.

Prof. Dakovski stated that the overall impression of the presented PhD works was good and he agreed with the remarks of the foreign scientists. But before he could be more specific about the presentations he would like to meet the PhD students in person and discuss some issues. He proposed to organize meetings with every PhD student once or twice yearly. It would be beneficial and very much within the objectives of the project, if more foreign students study and do research within the BIS21++ project.

Prof. Kiril Boyanov answered that we were working together with different foreign institutes and universities and we were always open to cooperation with the partners abroad.

Prof. Popchev pointed out that he was not an expert in all the topics that have been presented by the PhD students but there were three works that held his attention and he expressed his opinion on them. He proposed joint and individual meetings with the PhD students to be organized and held regularly.

Prof. Boyanov stated that open PhD workshops were planned and everyone who was interested was invited. He also agreed and approved the idea of individual meetings of members of the AB with students, who work in their respective areas of expertise.

Prof. Rumen Nikolov said that the improvement of the scientific expertise was national priority. He proposed to organize a special discipline called “Scientific Seminar” and to teach the PhD students how to write and present papers.

Prof. Vladimir Lazarov pointed out that one of the objectives of the BIS21++ project was to publish teaching materials and he invited all the members of the Advisory Board to participate. He also stated that all the PhD students had individual plans that were available to the public. He called the members of the Advisory Board to keep track of the PhD progress. Prof. Lazarov advised all PhD students that were at an earlier stage of their work to prepare detailed surveys of the topic that they were working on.

Prof. Boyanov proposed to the advisor of the PhD student Aleksandar Kazandzhiev to change the platform that was used in the thesis.

Prof. Dodunekov proposed to give the young scientists more possibilities to present their work at various seminars organized by the academy and the partners. He also recommended adding more experimental results to the work of PhD student Aleksandar Dimov.

After the discussion Prof. Kiril Boyanov suggested to vote whether the current individual PhD plans were carried. The plans were adopted unanimously.

Prof. Boyanov adjourned the first meeting of the Advisory Board.

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