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A number of new young scientists will be supported by IPP-BAS using the EC support from BIS-21++ in WP2. In order to ensure the context for the high-quality training of the scientists and provide the framework of their professional growth, IPP-BAS senior staff members will organise and supervise Research and Technological Development tasks in key IST areas:
  • Task2.1: New Computational Grid Technologies for Emergency Forecast.
  • Task2.2: Computationally Intensive Problems: Monte Carlo Simulations with Grid Applications.
  • Task2.3: Robust Scientific Computing Algorithms and Software Tools.
  • Task2.4: Improved Computer Systems Recovery and Intelligent Stores.
  • Task2.5: Plausible and Paradoxical Reasoning in Sensor Data Processing.
  • Task2.6: Multilinguality in Advanced Information Search.
  • Task2.7: Formal Structures in Large-Scale Search and Semantic-Based Applications.
  • Task2.8: Computer Networks and Grid Infrastructures.

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