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These activities involve:
  • Task5.1: Improving the visibility of the young researchers in BIS-21++ by a cycle of special thematic Information Days which promote the achievements of the young scientists.
  • Task5.2: Organisation of 9 conferences and workshops which include initiatives relevant to the training of the young researchers: tutorial days, poster sessions for student and young researchers, and thematic panel discussions. The events include the Int. Conference on Numerical Methods and Applications – 2006, two Int. Conferences on Large Scale Scientific Computations, LSSC’05 and LSSC’07, the International Conference “Advances and Application of the Theory for Plausible and Paradoxical Reasoning for Information Fusion” – 2006, the 13th Int. Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG-06), the 6th Int. Conference RANLP-2007 “Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing”, the 3rd International Workshop on Processing Balkan Languages, 2007, the First International Workshop on Finite-State Techniques and Approximate Search - 2007, and the International Workshop on Network and Grid Infrastructures - 2007.

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