Meeting of the advisory board of
the BIS-21++ PROJECT

20 April 2006, Institute for Parallel Processing
Acad. G. Bonchev Str., Bl. 25 A, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria



Prof. Kiril Boyanov, Prof. Stoyan Markov, Prof. Nina Sinyagina, Prof. Vladimir Lazarov, Prof. Elena Paskaleva, Prof. Galia Angelova, Prof. Hristo Turlakov, Prof. Dimitar Todorov, Prof. Aneta Karaivanova, Dr. Ivan Lirkov, Prof. Velizar Shalamanov, Prof. Ivan Popchev, Prof. Stefan Dodunekov, Prof. Ludmil Alexandrov, Prof. Ludmil Dakovski, Prof. Rumen Nikolov, Prof. Svetozar Margenov

Dr. Luben Boyanov took minutes.

Professor K. Boyanov presided the meeting and presented the following


Welcome, introduction and opening remarks

Prof. Kiril Boyanov, the Administrative Coordinator of BIS21++ greeted the present. He stated that the first year of the BIS21++ project was ending in few days time. As given in the work description of the project, an important task of the BIS21++ Advisory Board was to evaluate the training achievements of the employed young scientists and to assess the scientific quality of the RTD tasks performed by the young researchers. Every PhD student together with his/her advisor has prepared a report about the performed work according to the individual working plan, including comments and recommendations that have been received, and advice for the directions for future work in order the successful completion of the PhD. Every participant at the meeting has received a copy of these reports. As leader of WP2, Prof. Vladimir Lazarov had the task to aggregate, process and report on the major aspects of this information.

Evaluation of the work and progress of the PhD students during the first year of the BIS21++ project

Prof. Lazarov stated that during the past project year all PhD students worked hard in the fields of their research. Their achievements have been presented at various seminars, during the organized by the BIS21++ project Information Days and prepared papers for scientific journals and conference proceedings. Several young scientists were at the final stage of their PhD theses and during the second year of the project, several thesis defenses should be expected. Vladimir Lazarov presented briefly the work of every PhD student. The overall opinion was that all PhD students were working in the right direction and only minor changes in the individual work plans might be necessary. No reorganization of the WP tasks would be necessary at this stage. All participants agreed that the PhD students should continue their hard work and try to finish their theses during the BIS21++ project and recommended their publications to be in refereed journals. The Advisory board members were encouraged to send their personal recommendations to the PhD studentsí advisors by e-mail in order to avoid some problems in the future and to improve their current work and achievements.

After the discussion Prof. Kiril Boyanov suggested to vote on the work of each student whether the work during the first project year was successful. All works were voted as successful.


Prof. Boyanov made detailed presentation of the work of Prof. V. Getov. After some discussions the Advisory Board recommended the initiation of a procedure in the Supreme Testimonial Committee of Bulgaria for a DSc defence. The Advisory Board suggested one of the three reviewers of V. Getovís work to be from an EU country. DSc is not often granted in Bulgaria (it is similar to Doctorat díEtat in France) and an award of a such degree shows an exceptional excellence in the relevant scientific and research work by the person.

Prof. Boyanov adjourned the second meeting of the Advisory Board.

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